Petrenko presiserer Aftenposten-intervju


I realize my statements in Aftenposten have caused a lot of discussion, and I'd like to clarify a few things.

- What I said was meant to be a description of the situation in Russia, my homeland. This situation is worsening with some new initiatives of the government. I deeply respect that many musicians, for example the famous violinist Gidon Kremer, feels the same way about the situation there. Taken out of context I understand that what I said can very easily be perceived in the wrong way.

- I have the outmost respect for female conductors, for instance the extraordinary talented conductor  Marin Alsop ( and the famous Veronika Dudarova ( I'd encourage any girl to study conducting. How successful they turn out to be depends on their talent and their work, definitely not their gender. I also want to add that my beloved wife is a choral conductor.

- I'm truly and deeply sorry that I expressed myself in a way that made people misunderstand me, but I'm also glad that the misunderstanding brought about so much discussion that I now can take the opportunity to clarify what I really mean. The dicussion shows that this is a specially important issue, and I'm looking forward to getting to know the Norwegian society better and to learn more about the important issues here.

- And I wish that all the people  who participated in the discussion also would come to a concert to experience what it's all about;  that is the quality of music and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra - regardless of the gender of the conductor or of the musicians.


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